[NSFW] Third Staple


Commissioned by the men's magazine Animals, "Third Staple" goes behind the scenes of former-porn-star-turned-novelist Christopher Zeischegg and artist Luka Fisher's first film collaboration ("Danny Wylde") and gives insight into their unusual relationship.

Category: selected work, scripteddocumentarycommercial, all work

Writer/Director/Editor: Matthew Kaundart
Adapted from an Essay by: Christopher Zeischegg
Producer: Luka Fisher
Starring: Luka Fisher & Christopher Zeischegg
Executive Producer: Christopher Zeischegg
Cinematography: Kyle Krupinski
Bodies: Christopher Zeischegg, Tristene Roman & Samantha Gabriel
Photographer: Gina Canavan
Gaffer: Sean Lass
Additional Camera: Matthew Kaundart and Sean Lass
Still Photos: Gina Canavan
Blood Handler: Samantha Gabriel