Created for the band HOTT MT, "Starheart" chronicles the journey and mental anguish of a young woman coming to terms with her artistic identity, as she literally prepares to bare it all for camera. Featuring the controversial instant photography of Luka Fisher (who plays a twisted caricature of herself in the music video), this film puts a spotlight on the dissonance between art and the oftentimes ugly process behind its creation.

Selected Press: Buzz Bands LASoundvisionConquer LoudLA Taco

Category: selected workmusic videos, all work

Director: Matthew Kaundart
Cinematographer: Antonio Cisneros
Producers: Luka Fisher & Matthew Kaundart
1st AC: Rebecca Basaure
Gaffer: Will Vasquez
Editor: Matthew Kaundart
Artist: Luka Fisher
Bodies: Ashi Dala, Tristene Roman, Kríza Lenow, Sean East, Kayla Tange, Dovelie Lovelie, Sarah Gail, Sheree Rose, Peter Kalisch & Spooki Tavi
Additional Bodies: Emily Babette, Samantha Gabriel, Luna Rae, Arabelle Raphael, Whitney S., Sarah Sardonic, Harry Tormey & Chris Zeischegg